Realize to Act is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded on the idea that people are not statistics. Our goal is to increase awareness and spread empathy for uplifting people in need, and we create innovative ideas to accomplish this goal.

People are not statistics. This a crucial fact that our minds often misinterpret. People in different circumstances than us are more than a number surveyed and reported, but individuals with their own thoughts, emotions, and lives. Tanya Keskar, Realize to Act’s founder and CEO had an opportunity to visit the slums in Nagpur, India, and met energetic, happy kids. These people had not been granted with the same opportunities and resources that she always had, even taken for granted — a reliable source of food and water, access to a variety of toys, a safe shelter, and many other resources, yet they were still enthusiastic and eager to learn. Tanya realized that she could easily be in their situation — the only difference between their lives were their circumstances. She wanted to make a difference, and from that idea, Realize to Act was formed.

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Meet Tanya Keskar

Founder and CEO of Realize to Act – 17 years old

Hi, I’m Tanya Keskar, a 12th grader, living in the U.S as a very fortunate person. I have ample opportunities to learn, I enjoy an endless supply of delicious food, and I have the time and mental space to focus on myself and enjoy leisure time. I’m a martial artist and a musician, I love to write, and I’m very fascinated with science.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the slums of Nagpur, India, and it completely changed my perspective.  I’ve always been fascinated by perspectives. Trying to see things from other perspectives is both a confusing struggle and a very rewarding experience – it’s difficult to understand different interpretations when you’ve already made your own. Everyone has their own experiences, ideas, and circumstances that are unique to them.

We briefly chatted, and I was amazed by their energy, enthusiasm, and happiness. I started thinking about their perspective, living in the slums of Nagpur, India: they had dirt roads and tiny houses and dealt with ferocious floods. A tiny bit of chocolate to them was not something to take for granted. I had never really seen their perspective as those of real people, like me, rather than just words in a book from some faraway place. I realized one truth from this moment: while we’re all consumed in our own lives and problems, everyone around us is too. We all need to open our eyes and be willing to see and care about others around us. I wanted to spread this realization to others to promote the importance of empathy, so I launched a nonprofit organization called Realize to Act, aimed at spreading awareness of causes through unique and innovative programs. Together, we can make a difference!”

Realize to Act is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization